Health Kick Chick

Join me on my laymen's journey towards better health. Eat. Move. Rest.


I’m not a nutritionist.

I’m just a woman doing her best to stay healthy with all these delicious temptations and great TV shows as distractions.   I like food.  A lot.  I’ve eaten foods from all over the world at everything from 5 star restaurants to street vendor carts.  For me, food is not just fuel but a way of life.

I don’t eat sugar-free or fat-free foods–unless nature made them that way.  I also don’t eat fiber added foods, artificial sweeteners or meat.  I do eat lots of “whole” foods with the semi-occasional divergence into junk foods (I’m looking at you, Gardetto’s).

I’m not a personal trainer.

I’d like to think that I’ve got my weight under control and that I honor my body by exercising regularly but I’m human and sometimes I fail.  When I do, I just start over the very next chance I have.  It’s taken me years to get to an “everything in moderation” mindset and it’s very liberating.  My philosophy is that if I’m good to myself 80% of the time, then a little decadence or sloth here and there won’t kill me.

I’m not a photographer.

Most of my pictures are taken on my cell phone.  Not a fancy pants phone but a camera phone nonetheless.  Deal with it.

Eat. Move. Rest.

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