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Video interview w/ Dr. Ian Smith (of Celebrity Fit Club)

Last week, I was lucky enough to interview Dr. Ian Smith on his thoughts about (pre) diabetes prevention and management.  He gave some really great answers and I realize now that I would’ve loved to ask him about his thoughts on natural supplementation as a treatment.  Next time.  Enjoy!

BTW, I think he jinxed me with his comment about refined sugars.  I know plenty of people who’ve cut it out of their diets successfully for years.  Of course that night I had some Quaker Delights and of course they have HCFS.  The larger Quaker Rice Cakes that I’m used to, do not so I assumed.  
Well, you know what happens when you assume…

Eat. Move. Rest.



  Christina wrote @

How cool is it that you got to interview him?!

p.s. I’m stbxadict from the WW boards 🙂

  Health Kick Chick wrote @

Hey Christina!

It was pretty cool, I’ll admit. I just wish I’d have asked him at least one question about natural treatments for diabetes. Next time!

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