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I did good! (Dinner @ DBGB)

The other night, I met up with old and new friends at Daniel Bolud’s DBGB.  I looked at the menu online before hand, as is my way, to see what would be the best thing to eat.  Then I realized that I was in serious danger of being in the red this week since yet salacious rendez-vous with Blue Bunny premium ice cream on Friday and a very generous, flirty bartender on Thursday wiped out most of my allotment.  Besides, I promised my hostess I’d attend the celebration and I was curious to eat at his restaurant since seeing him on Top Chef and seeing everyone fawn over his food in general.

So, I made a quick list of five items I wanted and figured out the calories and nutritional breakdown of each allotting for extra due to heavy-handed use of butter, cream and fat (fat tastes gooooooood).  Satisfied, I met up with the group after having eaten an apple with string cheese so I wouldn’t be tempted to overdo it.  My game plan was one drink, 2 pieces of bread and butter, my entrée and a few miscellaneous calories.  Thank God I always plan for irresistible foods because who could say no to this?

That's baked alaska for you non Frenchies

By the end of the night,  for the first time in a long time, I made the event about the company and the occasion–not the food.  I sat at the table for 4 hours with my new and old friends, laughed, talked and pretty much closed down the restaurant.  I’m proud of myself because I feel like small habits like this make me believe that I can do this for a lifetime.

Eat. Move. Rest.


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