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Back to basics

I’ll admit it.

I’ve fallen into bad habits the last six or so months.  Not accurately tracking my calorie intake because I rationalize that strength training afterburn will probably make up the difference.  Not taking the time to make at least soup and one meal ahead on Sunday so on a particularly busy day I can grab and go.  Keeping trigger foods in the house, etc.

This weekend, I decided to get back to basics when I bought a bag of Chex mix.  The last time I got Chex mix, I ate straight from the bag until I saw only salt and crumbs at the bottom.  I went on an eating tear that week and gained 3 lbs.  This week, while watching Down Home with the Neelys, I pulled out a few zip top snack bags and a half cup measure, which is equal to one serving.  During the commercial break–all of 3 minutes–I bagged up all 15 servings.  This is something I used to do all the time but somehow I figured I was beyond portion control.  But it took no time at all.

 So since I was on a good habit kick, I decided to plan ahead for the next day when I’d be meeting up with a friend for lunch.  I looked at the restaurant menu online and figured which meal would be the most filling and help me get the best nutritional bang.  I also wanted a side of fried plantains Fried plantain by ashe-villain

because I haven’t had them in forever and that would be my dessert. I had good conversation and a good meal and left satisfied.   That good habit lead me to go home and make 2 meals ahead for the week, do some hardcore strength training and plan around a social event I knew would be full of delicious, calorie laden foods (hello wine and cheese bar).  

It felt like I’d forgotten how to be on track.  It’s good to know that even after all this time, I can remember successful habits.  And the fact that they often snowball into other similar habits.  So, tomorrow when I’m munching on a pear and half of a Luna bar, I’ll be less tempted to lord over the Maytag blue.


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