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Point of No Return

My uncle flies planes and spoke about how there’s a certain point when you’re flying where you are notified that you are at the PNR or point of no return.  Literally, this is the point where you are at a point in your travel where you have your last chance to decide whether or not you’ll be able to successfully arrive at your destination or choose your backup plan.  If you’re in doubt, protocol says that you must default to your backup plan.

It makes me think of the point that all of us must reach in our weight loss journeys where we must decide if we will continue along or if we’ll chose an alternate path, whatever that may be.  At some point, we realize that we’re more than halfway to our goal and whatever choices we make will either bring us closer or lead us further away.  The PNR is a place of reflection or should be because the distance back to where you were is easier than getting to where you want to be.  Unlike aviation, our PNR is reversible.  Meaning, if we are not successful, we can pick up where we left off at another time.  Sometimes, though the danger and hazards of ignoring your PNR are too much to ignore.

I reached my PNR at some point last year when I decided that no matter what happened from that point on, I’d come too far to give up.  I try to fortify myself with success stories, good news, facts and even by looking at old pictures of myself.  Even though I get frustrated, sidetracked or even sometimes indifferent,  I have no choice.

Failure is not an option.


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