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Last week, for the first time in a really long time, I treated myself to lunch.   Of course, I eat out but usually in the company of loved ones. But for monetary and sanitary reasons (usu. food poisoning) I prefer to cook my own meals.

I stopped into an Asian fusion restaurant that, ironically enough, my mother had just ordered lunch from.  As I scanned the menu, I decided to try the pineapple sauté with tofu since I really love the salty-sweet flavor combination.  I asked the waitress for brown rice instead of white and to bring the sauce separately. I’d already calculated how many calories I was willing to spend on this meal and with the sauce on the side, I’d be able to enjoy some miso soup, the rice, tofu, pineapples and veggies with a scant amount of sauce.

However, when she brought the dish to me, lovely as it looked, I could see that the tofu was deep-fried and drowning in the greasy syrup I was hoping to avoid.  As she placed it before me she winced and said “oops” in Cantonese.  Then she walked away.  I sat there for 5 full minutes thinking she was re-doing the order to my specification until the mâitr’e d asked why I wasn’t eating.  I mentioned, as kindly as I could, that I was waiting for my order to be brought to me.  He looked confused and called over the waitress.  She explained that she forgot that I’d made a special order.  Okay, so why did you realize it and then leave it sitting in front of me for 5 full minutes?

He then took over as my waiter and replaced my meal as she apologized and twittered about.  I’ve been a waitress before and I know that you live on tips.  I also know that when you mess up, you fix it.  So, unfortunately for her, the tip was scaled downward.  Her little mistake would’ve cost me 650 calories and that’s unacceptable.

Once the proper meal was returned to me, I savored every delicious morsel.  It was well worth the fuss:

A few years ago, I would’ve eaten the meal in silence but now I realize that when I’m not the one in the kitchen I have to be extra vigilant about what I consume–especially when one mistake is equivalent to an entire other meal’s worth of calories.

I just hope they didn’t spit in my food.


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