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Will I Regain the Weight I’ve Lost? (a.k.a. Everything in Moderation)

This article talks about the very thing that I think is the reason so many people regain all the weight they lose: because they live their lives to one side of the pendulum or another.  An all or nothing approach to weight loss will get old quickly.

The first time I truly dedicated myself to losing weight, I went to the supermarket armed with a certain popular printout of go-to diet foods from a woman we’ll call FamishedGirl.  Most of the foods on that list were processed within an inch of their life and full of food with little or no nutritional value–but they were low calorie.  And really, aren’t all calories created equal?

However, I got night sweats at the thought of never eating cheesecake or fried breadfruit ever again.  So, I decided that whatever path I embarked on would have to allow me eat what I wanted and still lose.  In time, I realized that I did crave Cheez Doodles but I also craved fresh blackberries.  Moderation is, as far as this HKC is concerned, the pillar of any successful lifestyle change.

This isn’t Biggest Loser, folks this is life.  Some days will be better than others and then you have to get up and try again the next day.  You just have to. Because, really, what are your options?  Time will pass regardless and wouldn’t you rather be a work in progress than stagnant?

So, guided by the ever popular weight loss mantra “don’t do anything while losing that you can’t sustain on maintenance”, I’m seeking balance and moderation.

Eat. Move. Rest


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