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MSG, I think I love you

You’re kind of the bad boy of the food world.  Ever since I was little, I loved foods like Goya’s Accent and sofrito.  Hell, almost everything Goya makes has MSG in it and that’s why my food always tastes so. damn. good. When I used to go to my office near the US Goya headquarters, I’d get a little heady (the way one might get excited if they saw their favorite celebrity on the street).

I love how now with all the MSG backlash, the sneaky devil goes undercover as a number of confounding names including [autolyzed] yeast [extract], protein isolate or a number of other names.  From watching the Food Network, I learned that MSG is actually a naturally occurring substance that is recreated in chemical labs.  It has to be sneaky because half of the foods we all know and love wouldn’t have much of a flavor without the addition of this nummy ingredient.

Some people claim headaches, stomachaches or worse but these problems never seem to bother me.  I use it in moderation, of course, but would my famous Spinach Lasagna taste the same without adobo?  Could I ever give up my Gardetto’s?  Absolutely not!

MSG, I think I’ll call you “umami” to keep things PC.


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